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Meet Starlettes™ creator Kathy Johnson

Starlette Universe author and creator Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson, lawyer and web narrator . . .
is the Starlette Universe creator!

Her kid Katy J is a beauty queen
who brought Starlettes to
Pageantry Magazine!

For 8 years, Starlettes appeared in Pageantry.
And now Starlettes are here in all their majesty!

So, for all you gals who twinkle and grin:
The Starlette phenomenon is set to begin!

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STARLETTE UNIVERSE features teen girl and pre-teen girl humor, poetry and verse, puns, cartoon features and comic strips, offering fun and frolic — and sage — advice

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Starlettes™ and ©2010 Kathy Johnson All Rights Reserved



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Will Evil Eva Ever Befriend the Starlettes?


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Evil Eva's
A Devilish Diva!
is Evil Eva a witch, zombie, vampire - or all of the above
There's always someone
to spoil the fun,
and Eva's evil is never done!
Conniving and smart,
she's lacking a heart.
Beware of this dud
It's said she sucks blood!,


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Page from Lil Lilly's book "What a Babe"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
BOCA RATON, FL -- The newest member of the Starlette Universe crew makes her sparkling debut in the first of six Lil' LILLY books, What a Babe!

Lil' LILLY brings pre-schoolers to the girly-girl Starlette Universe audience as she wonderingly discovers the baby world around her.  Lil' LILLY fits very nicely into the Starlette Universe middle-grade book series, continuing the good vs. evil theme prevalent throughout the series.

Lil' LILLY is a happy, inquisitive, adventurous, stubborn, loving child prone to misadventure, chock full of love for older sis Skylar, ("Know who I love to kiss? Skylar! My big sis!) as well as her animal friends. Her interactions with Flighty the Pig, Fraidy Cat, Punkin the Dog, Blossom the Cow, and Evil Eva all show a charming child dealing with whatever circumstance comes her way.

Girl power abounds through her interaction with new friend Ollie, and Lil' LILLY approaches all situations with both a serious and witty take on right and wrong.  Each illustration features a punning rhyme beneath it, with Lil' LILLY living life mostly on a 'ST'ROLLER' (stroller) coaster, thinking her baby food is 'GOO'ed,  and nightly,  shutting her eyes tightly,  "just wishing (evil nemesis) 'EVE' would leave."  Lil' LILLY's life is cheery and upbeat ("'BOW' your horn!  It's great to be born!")   as she herself comments: "My life on Earth has gone S'WELL' since birth."  

The Starlette Universe brings ethics, etiquette, and excitement to 'tween and teen girls everywhere.  With the Lil' LILLY preschool series, the younger set gets the opportunity to embrace morals and manners -- as well as an optimistic outlook -- at an early age.  The short rhymes and wordplay (also known as "STARLETTE-isms") create a reading experience some declare as reminiscent of Dr. Suess.


Cogently colorful  illustrations by "Captain Cartoon" (aka Dick Kulpa) successfully represent the six Starlettes as America's Sweet 'arts'.  Kulpa is publisher of
Cracked Magazine, creator of Bat Boy (centerpiece of "Bat Boy the Musical') and a thrice-syndicated newspaper comic strip artist for Tribune Media Services and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate.
The Library of American Comics
just reprinted his 1983 Star Trek newspaper strips as a
collectors' hardcover book.

Kathy Johnson is a Boca Raton, Florida, attorney and mother of Miss Vermont 1999 and Miss Vermont USA 2001.  The six Starlettes from Starlette Universe  appeared in Pageantry Magazine for eight years. 

Oh, and just one more thing…STARLETTE UNIVERSE - Book 1: 'CAT'Astrophe was published in 2012, and Book 2: 'EVA from EVILLE', scheduled for publication by Headline Books, in the spring of 2014, will introduce a new genre in book storytelling: "Piction."

CONTACT:  Kathy Johnson                          Phone: (561) 213-4537

New ad for Children's Book 'Lil Lilly', latest addition to the Starlette Universe new ad for Starlette Univers Childrens book  


Animated video/slideshow highlights scenes from the fully-illustrated
Starlette Universe Book 2: Eva from E-ville!


Starlettes book 1 cover

STARLETTES Book 2: Eva From E-Ville" is coming soon!

Check out video highlights from Book 2 below!
cover for Starlettes book 2

Starlettes Author Tackles Two Birds With One Book: Wordpress Exclusive!

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