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Florida Cartoonist Dick Kulpa's Websites:

Dick Kulpa
Dick's archived works and website hub. Special feature: Dick's very first comic strip

Ghost Story Club
Dick's Tribune Media Services newspaper comic strip

Double Eagle Comics
Dick's greatest comic book heroes

South Florida Fun Times
Events and art in South Florida
Dick's political satire website

Captain Cartoon's Treasure Chest
Learn How to Draw

Captain Cartoon Caricatures
Personal caricature performances at parties and events

Punkin's Page

Punkin playing air guitar

Punkin thinks Elvis is the real Hound Dog!
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Meet the Starlettes' Artist: Satirist Dick Kulpa
From political cartoons to satire magazines,
Cartoonist Dick Kulpa's been at the scenes!

Newspapers galore have published his strips;
Because of the Starlettes, he's learned to draw lips!

As 'Captain Cartoon' he paints near the waters;
And draws lots of girls, since he's trained by his daughters!

That's why the Starlettes, as pretty as pearls,
are destined to become 'America's Girls!'

Meet Starlettes™ creator Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson, lawyer and web narrator . . .
is the Starlette Universe creator!

Her kid Katy J is a beauty queen
who brought Starlettes to Pageantry Magazine!

For 8 years, Starlettes appeared in Pageantry.
And now Starlettes are here in all their majesty!

So, for all you gals who twinkle and grin:
The Starlette phenomenon is set to begin!

Punkin in his star

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If dreams could come true,
Who would the STARLETTES interview?
ELVIS PRESLEYBeyond the Grave!
Once again, he's all the rave!

image of elvis presley interviewed by starlettes

The Starlettes Poke Justin Bieber
The Starlettes Poke Taylor Lautner

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Stop back often and join the fun
The Starlettes™ Universe has just begun!

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