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Meet Starlettes™ creator Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson, lawyer and web narrator . . .
is the Starlette Universe creator!

Her kid Katy J is a beauty queen
who brought Starlettes to
Pageantry Magazine!

For 8 years, Starlettes appeared in Pageantry.
And now Starlettes are here in all their majesty!

So, for all you gals who twinkle and grin:
The Starlette phenomenon is set to begin!


Lizzie's Page

Lizzie star
Lizzie has food on
the brain — and she's a bit vain!

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Roses are red, some say they're scarlet!
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Wholesome fun and pun-filled experience and advice for pre-teen and teen girls — and the entire family.

Need Homework Help? Email Bekka!
The Starlettes' genius in residence knows more than most Presidents!
Evil Eva's
A Devilish Diva!
the evil zombie witch eva
There's always someone
to spoil the fun,
and Eva's evil is never done!
Conniving and smart,
she's lacking a heart.
Beware of this dud
It's said she sucks blood!

Punkin doing peanut butter

STARLETTE UNIVERSE™ features teen girl and pre-teen girl humor, poetry and verse, puns, cartoon features and comic strips, offering fun and frolic — and sage — advice

Starlettes™ and ©2010 Kathy Johnson All Rights Reserved


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Official Website of America's Sweet 'Arts...the Famed Starlettes!

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Budding artist Madison Burmeister, 10, created this nifty drawing of the Starlettes
and we couldn't wait to post it, so here it is! We'll post YOUR drawings, photos and poems
too — just email them to Starlette Universe!

starlettes fan drawing by a little girl
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The Starlettes frolic in whimsical poem,
Through these lines you'll get to know 'em!


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